EXSANGUINATA, the new film from SABBATH ASSEMBLY and director GRETCHEN HEINEL, asks:  Wherefore the quest for eternal life?  To what lengths would any of us go to stave off the inexorable rite of aging, sickness, and finally… death.

The story reveals a noblewoman and her devotees perpetuating their power by preying upon her subjects.  With each young victim, the rite of adolescence becomes a rite of death.  And for the noblewoman – the COUNTESS BATHORY – the rite of death becomes a rite of adolescence.  Roles reversed through blood sacrifice.

Directed by Gretchen Heinel
Produced by Sabbath Assembly and Saltpeter Films
SFX and Production Design by Doug Sakmann
Starring Carolyn Weltman, Maidenfed, Luna Duran, Edana Jean, Lusid, Jamie Myers, David Christian, Marcuslikesit
Assistant Director Dorothy Schmidt
Costume Design by Numi Prasarn
Makeup by Chelsea Paige and May Moore 
Soundtrack by Sabbath Assembly
Production Services by Backseat Conceptions